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Gamfior Case Study


Gamfior Spindle Repair

Gamfior Spindle Repair

A Gamfior E series Grinding Spindle was sent to our repair facility recently, because it was no longer running. The spindle was disassembled and inspected by one of our technicians. The E12018M1 spindle was found to have a motor that had shorted out, and needed to be rewound. In addition, there was inconsistencies with the front face of the shaft, which was sent out for Chrome and Grind work. The spindle was built with steel ball bearings, which isn’t advisable for a spindle that runs at such high speeds. We replaced these bearings with High Speed Ceramic Ball Bearings of the same size, to increase the lifespan of the spindle. Once the spindle had been reassembled by one of our skilled spindle technicians (with an average of 20 years experience repairing spindles) it was test run for 4 hours. Before it was shipped back to the customer, the spindle was running flawlessly, because of the advanced techniques we used to balance the spindle.


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