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High Speed Grinding Spindle Repair

Repairs made within 24 hours to keep customer's production running

High Speed Grinding Spindle

High Speed Grinding Spindle

We received the High Speed Grinding Spindle from a customer who told us the spindle no longer rotated, because of this we were unable to do an initial test run of the spindle. After disassembly and inspection of the unit, it was concluded that the bearings had failed and locked up the unit. We were able to clean and reassemble the unit with brand new bearings, within a matter of a few hours. The spindle was then test run for several hours and shipped back to the customer in less than 24 hours.

A week after receiving and running their Spindle, this customer called our owner to let him know how impressed they were with the speed and quality of the repair. The customer was under a strict production deadline and needed their spindle  running to meet that goal, which they were able to reach. The customer was so please to receive their repaired spindle in such short order, that they intend to send us all of their future spindle repairs.

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