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Spindle Repair
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Motor City Spindle Repair specializes in high speed grinding spindle repair services. While some repair facilities are incapable of repairing or testing high speed grinding spindles, we are able to do both for spindles that run as fast as 150,000 RPM. Our advanced equipment and experienced staff of spindle technicians are more than qualified to repair any high speed spindle sent to us.


Often times the extremely fast running spindles will be Hydrodynamic or Hydrostatic Spindles, because they operate with frictionless fluid bearings that don’t produce the excessive heat and vibration that steel or ceramic bearings would if they were ran at such high speeds. These fluid bearings are extremely efficient, but can fail due to contaminated oil or damaged seals. Our spindle technicians are quite familiar with these issues and know how to properly get a hydrostatic or hydrodynamic spindle to run to the OEM specifications.

We frequently repair spindles in 1-3 business days in emergency situations. Our in-house machining and grinding capabilities and qualified partners allow us to turn around components fast such as: spindle tapers, pilot I.D.s, front and rear bearing journals, housing bores, draw bar shafts, splines, and many other components needed to be re-qualified or manufactured new.


We understand the importance of decreasing machine down time so we stock precision bearings, seals, o-rings, encoders, and other commonly replaced spindle parts. Our Four Spindle Test Stands are all equipped with variable frequency drives to allow us to rebuild, test run and ship multiple spindles daily.

Give us a call at (734) 261-8600 or email us at sales@motorcityrepair.com

Spindle Repair