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Howa Spindle Repair Case Study

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Howa Spindle Repair Case Study

Howa Spindle Repair Case Study

This Howa spindle was in need of repair, because the bearings had failed and were producing excessive heat and vibrations while running. In addition to having worn bearings, the bearing journal of the shaft was also worn and needed to be requalified. After being sent out for Chrome and Grind work, the shaft was reloaded with new Precision Ball Bearings and Roller Bearings by one of our several experienced Spindle Technicians. The Seals and O-rings were replaced on this spindle to preserve its integrity. Once It was all assembled, the spindle was test run and balanced with expert precision by a Spindle Technician. The spindle balancing was done with advanced diagnostic equipment, which allows us to get the spindle to such an accurate balance, that it is sure to run well for an extended period of time.

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