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Hydrostatic Spindle Repair

Hydrostatic spindles are often used for high speed and heavy load applications. Steel or ceramic ball bearings often produce excessive vibration and heat when run at such speeds and loads, which is why fluid bearings are used. The Spindle Technicians at Motor City Spindle Repair have repaired a number of hydrostatic spindles that reach speeds as high as 150,000 RPM.

Our advanced repair facility allows us to repair today’s most complicated Hydrostatic spindles. We have repaired Hydrostatic spindles for all types of industries. We have state of the art equipment to test all aspects of your hydrostatic spindle to ensure it functions optimally. Our spindle techs test run and document every spindle and take several diagnostic readings before we ship a spindle, we do this to ensure that the spindle is running optimally and will last for a long time. Balancing a spindle ensures the least amount of vibration is produced by a spindle, which increases its lifespan.