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Mazak H630 Spindle Repair Case Study

Mazak H630 Spindle Repair Case Study

This Mazak H series Spindle was sent to us after the spindle had locked up.  After our Technicians inspected the spindle, they found contaminates in the bearings, which caused it to fail. These contaminates likely entered the spindle once a seal or o-ring was damaged. New bearings were ordered to replace these, in addition to new seals, o-rings, and disc springs. There were several surfaces on the spindle that were out of specification, such as the CAT 50 Tool Gap, the front bore of the housing, and the Outer Diameter of the Drawbar Shaft. These items were chrome and ground to get them back to the factory specifications. One of our Skilled Spindle Techs rebuilt the H630, once all parts were received or re-qualified. The Spindle was then test run and balanced, to reduce the the vibrations emitted by the spindle to next to nothing.  Once balanced, the spindle was ran at the maximum speed of 3,500 RPM.


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