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Mazak SQT 200M Turning Spindle Repair Case Study

Another successful Mazak repair

Mazak SQT 200M Turning Spindle Repair Case Study

Mazak SQT 200M Turning Spindle Repair Case Study

This Mazak Turning Center Spindle was received by us in non-working order.

The Mazak SQT 200M was not test run at incoming because the spindle was locked up.

Once our Spindle Technician disassembled the spindle, the cause for failure was found to be bearing contamination. This is a common issue with spindles that have o-rings and/or seals that are worn as this allows coolant ingression along with debris into the spindle bearings that wash out the bearing lubrication. After the Turning Spindle was disassembled and the parts cleaned, the Shaft and Housing were sent out for Grind, Chrome Plate and Grind (GPG) to get the parts back to factory specifications. New Precision Steel Roller and Angular Contact Bearings were ordered to replace the bearings that had failed. New Seals and O-rings were also ordered to replace the worn items that allowed the initial contamination. The Winding was tested to ensure proper working order of the spindle motor. Once all the parts were received, one of our eight(8) Spindle Technicians (with an average of 157+ years experience) assembled the spindle. The Spindle was then balanced with expert precision by utilizing some of our advanced diagnostic equipment to make sure the spindle is running optimally. The SQT 200M Spindle was test run for four (4) hours while monitoring temperature and vibration readings to ensure the quality of the spindle rebuild.

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