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Danobat Spindle Repair

The most aggressive lead time in the spindle repair industry

The Danobat Group is an international machine tool corporation with multiple branches including: Danobat Lathes, Lealde, Newall, Soraluce, Overbeck, Exofiber, and LATZ. Motor City Machine Tool has experience repairing a wide variety of Danobat spindles, from all of their Branches.  We have a team of highly skilled professionals that work hard to give you quality repaired spindles at speeds faster than most of our competitors. If you have a Danobat spindle that is in need of repair don’t hesitate to fill out our form, or give us a call to speak to one of our dedicated staff about your spindle repair needs.

We employ some of the most skilled and experienced spindle technicians in the Midwest. They are quite confident that any Danobat spindle can be repaired at our facility. With state of the art diagnostic equipment, our spindle technicians test and balance spindles with exacting precision. This static and dynamic balancing of the spindle insures the spindle runs for a long time with the same precision as if it were brand new.

Please see below list for a few of the Danobat spindles we have rebuilt:

Danobat Lathes, Danobat Lealde Spindle Repair, Danobat Newall Spindle Repair, Danobat Soraluce Spindle Repair, Danobat Overbeck Spindle Repair, Danobat Exofiber Spindle Repair, and Danobat LATZ Spindle Repair

Danobat Grinding Spindle Repair:

Danobat PG, Danobat CG, Danobat IEV, Danobat VG, Danobat DVG, Danobat SGU, Danobat SGT, Danobat SGD, Danobat MC, Danobat MT

Danobat LG series, LG-200, LG-400, LG-600

Danobat ID series, ID-200, ID-400, ID-600

Danobat IRD series, IRD200, IRD400, IRD600

Danobat E series, E-301, E-305, E-315, E-318, E-327

Danobat HG series, HG62, HG72, HG92

Danobat WT series, WT62, WT72, WT92

Danobat Milling Spindle Repair:

Danobat TA-A, Danobat TR, Danobat SR

Danobat FL, Danobat FP, Danobat FS, Danobat FX, Danobat FXR

Danobat KB-150-W, Danobat F-MT

Danobat Horizontal Lathe Spindle Repair:

Danobat NA series, NA-500, NA-750, NA-1500, NA-2000

Danobat TH series, TH-500

Danobat CIH/CL series, CIH/CL-7, CIH/CL-9, CIH/CL-13, -16, CL-20, CL-24

Danobat TT-TTB series, TT-TTB7, TT-TTB10, TT-TTB13, TT-TTB16, TT-TTB20, TT-TTB24

Danobat VT series, 5VT, 6VT, 7VT

Danobat TCN series, TCN-12, TCN-14, TCN-16, TCN-18, TCN-24

Danobat Vertical Lathe Spindle Repair:

Danobat TV series, TV-400, TV-650, TV-800, TV-1000, TV-1500, TV-2000

Danobat VTC series, VTC-1600, VTC-1800

Danobat Vertical Turning Center Spindle Repair:

Danobat  VTC series, VTC-2100, VTC-2500, VTC-2800, VTC-3200, VTC-4000

Danobat VTC-H series, VTC-5000-H, VTC-6000-H, VTC-8000-H

If your machine tool spindle is not listed please give us a call at 800-716-4601.

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