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Deckel Maho Spindle Repair

The most aggressive lead time in the spindle repair industry

There is a great number of different Deckel Maho spindles on the market, thankfully Motor City Machine Tool Repair has a lot of experience repairing a variety of different Deckel Maho spindles. We have rebuilt Deckel Maho spindles for HMC’s, VMC’s, Turning centers, and grinding applications, used in a variety of different industries. Do you have a Deckel Maho Spindle that is down? Then call or fill out our form to get a Free Quote, and our dedicated staff will assist you with your repair needs.

Our facility houses some of the most advanced equipment and we employ several of the most experienced spindle technicians in the industry. Balancing spindles ensures the precision and longevity of a spindles life, which our techs are extremely good at doing. Our Spindle technicians can repair and balance spindles with such precision, the spindles we ship often run as good as a brand new spindle.

Deckel Maho was formed out of the two German machine tool manufacturers Maho and Deckel. Shortly after merging in the 1980s, DMG was formed when Deckel Maho merged with Gildemeister. Since 2009 DMG has been in a partnership with Mori Seiki, which is now known as DMG Mori Seiki AG.

Please see below list for a few of the Deckel Maho spindles we have rebuilt:

Deckel Maho NEF 400, NEF 600, CTX alpha 300, CTX alpha 500, CTX beta 500, CTX beta 800, CTX beta 800 4A, CTX beta 1250, CTX beta 1250 4A, CTX gamma 1250, CTX gamma 2000, CTX beta 1250 TC, CTX beta 1250 TC 4A, CTX gamma 1250 TC, CTX gamma 2000 TC, CTX gamma 3000 TC

Deckel Maho CTV 160, CTV 250, CTV 160 linear, TWIN 42, TWIN 65, TWIN 102, MSL 42|6, MSL 42|7, MSL 60|6, MSL 60|7, SPEED 20|8, SPEED 20|11, SPRINT 20 linear, SPRINT 32 linear, SPRINT 42 linear, SPRINT 65 linear

Deckel Maho GMC 20, GMC 20 linear / ISM, GMC 25 linear / ISM, GMC 35 linear / ISM, GMC 42 linear / ISM, GM 16|6, GM 20|6, GM 35|6

Deckel Maho DMU 50, DMU 70, DMU 40, DMU 60, DMU 65, DMU 80, DMU 85, DMU 100, DMU 40 eVo linear, DMU 60 eVo linear, DMU 80 eVo linear, DMU 100 eVo linear, DMU 60 P, DMU 60 FD, DMU 80 P

Deckel Maho DMU 80 FD, DMU 100 P, DMU 125 P, DMU 125 FD, DMU 160 P, DMU 160 FD, DMU 210 P, DMU 210 FD, DMU 340 P, DMU 340 FD, DMU 600 P, DMU 600 FD

Deckel Maho DMF 180 linear, DMF 260 linear, DMC 635 V, DMC 835 V, DMC 1035 V, MILLTAP 700, NHX 4000, DMC 55 H, DMC 65 H, DMC 75 H, DMC 80 H, DMC 100 H, DMC 125 H

Deckel Maho DMC 60 T, DMC 60 U, DMC 60 FD, DMC 80 U, DMC 80 FD, DMC 100 U, DMC 125 U, DMC 125 FD, DMC 160 U, DMC 160 FD, DMC 200 FD, DMC 210 U, DMC 340 U, DMC 340 FD, DMC 600 U

Deckel Maho HSC 20 linear, HSC 55 linear, HSC 75 linear, HSC 105 linear, ULTRASONIC 10, ULTRASONIC 20 linear

If your machine tool spindle is not listed please give us a call at 800-716-4601.

All Quotations are 100% free of charge and are accompanied by a detailed failure analysis report!

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