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The most aggressive lead time in the spindle repair industry

Do you have a Doosan spindle that has crashed, or exhibits signs of prolonged wear and tear? If so, Motor City Machine Tool offers some of the best solutions to get your machine tool up and running again. Our experienced spindle technicians have worked on many different types of Doosan spindles over the years, and they have become exceedingly efficient at repairing them. Because of our spindle technicians and the support staff here at Motor City Repair, we are able to offer some of the fastest lead times around.

We own some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment for testing and balancing spindles. To properly fine tune and balance a spindle can be a real art, thankfully we have several experienced spindle technicians that can perform this with exceptional precision. Precise balancing ensures the longevity of a spindles lifespan, which is what we deliver on every spindle repair.


Doosan Infracore and their subsidiary Daewoo, have established themselves as a company that produces some of the most advanced machines in the industry. Their constant pursuit of technological advancement shows in their exceedingly innovative designs. We have experience rebuilding most of the Doosan machining center spindles.  If you have a Doosan spindle in need of repair give us a call to find out how we can save you down time and money on the rebuild. Some types of Doosan spindles we have rebuilt include:  5-axis, VMCs, HMCs, Milling machine tools, and Turning Centers.

Please see below list for a few of the Doosan Infracore spindles we have rebuilt:

  • Doosan Infracore Lynx 220, Lynx 220, Lynx 220G super, Lynx 300, PUMA 2100, PUMA 2600, PUMA 3100, PUMA 240, PUMA 280, PUMA 300, PUMA 400, PUMA 480, PUMA 600, PUMA 700, PUMA 800
  •  Doosan Infracore PUMA TT1500, PUMA TT1800, PUMA TT2500, PUMA TL2000, PUMA TL2500, PUMA MX1600, PUMA MX2100, PUMA MX2600, PUMA MX3100
  • Doosan Infracore PUMA V400, PUMA V550, PUMA VT450, PUMA VT750, PUMA VT900, PUMA VT1100, PUMA VTS1214, PUMA VTS1620, PUMA INVERTURN 3000
  • Doosan Infracore PUMA AW560, PUMA AW660, PUMA VAW700, PUMA VAW800, PUMA HT230T, PUMA H250T, QL200H, PUMA H310T, QL300H
  • Doosan Infracore DT 360, DDT 400, DNM 400α, 500α, DNM 400, 500, 650, 650, PDNM 400HS, 500HS, 650HS, DNM 750L, Mynx 5400, Mynx 6500, Mynx 7500
  • Doosan Infracore VC 430, VC 510, DVM 500, DVM 650, VM 5400, 6500, VM 560, VM 750, VM 960, VM 1260, NX 4500, NX 5500, NX 6500
  • Doosan Infracore NX 500/5AX, VC 630/5AX, DNM 350/5AX, HC 400, HC 500, HP 4000, HP 5100, HP 5500, HP 6300, NHP 6300, NHM 5000, NHM 6300, NHM 8000, HM 1000, HM 1250, HM 5000, HM 6300, HM 8000
  • Doosan Infracore DBC110S, DBC110, DBC130, DBC250, DBD 1270/1570, DCM 2740, DCM 2750, DCM 2760, DCM 3250,
  • Doosan Infracore DCM 3260, DCM 3280, DCM 3780, DCM 37100, BM2740, PUMA ST20G, PUMA ST32G

If your machine tool spindle is not listed please give us a call at 800-716-4601.

All Quotations are 100% free of charge and are accompanied by a detailed failure analysis report!

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