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Hardinge Spindle Repair

The most aggressive lead time in the spindle repair industry


Motor City Spindle Repair specializes in repairing Hardinge spindles for Milling, Grinding & turning applications. We offer some of the fastest lead times in the mid-west. Our company is able to offer this due to several factors. We employ some of the most skilled spindle technicians in the industry, with many years experience repairing various types of spindles. The support staff here are responsible for efficiently processing, and shipping spindles, which helps expedite the repair process. The testing equipment at Motor City Repair is state of the art technology, which allows us to balance spindles with extreme precision and make sure spindles are in optimal working order to ensure longevity of spindle life.

The most common Hardinge spindles rebuilt here include: Hardinge Milling spindles, Hardinge Grinding spindles, Hardinge Turning Center spindles.

Hardinge is considered a pioneer in the machining industry. Accumulating over 125 years of experience, their longevity has earned them a reputation of precision and reliability. From bar stock to the finished product, Hardinge spindle machines are 100% made in the USA with a strong emphasis in machine uptime. This facility has extensive experience rebuilding many types of Hardinge spindles.

A partial list of Hardinge spindles this facility has rebuilt:

  • Hardinge T series, T-42, T-51, T-65
  • Hardinge Quest, CHNC 27, CHNC 42, GT27SP
  • Hardinge GS Series, GS 42, GS 51, GS 150, GS 200, GS 200/66, GS 200/66 L, GS 250, GS 250 L, GS 250 MSY
  • Hardinge XR Series, XR 760, XR 1000
  • Hardinge GX series, GX 300, GX 480, GX 510, GX 710, GX 1000, GX 1000 OSP, GX 1300, GX 1300-50, GX 1600, GX 1600-50, GX 250 5AX

If your machine tool spindle is not listed please give us a call at 800-716-4601.

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