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Hurco Spindle Repair

The most aggressive lead time in the spindle repair industry

Do you have a Hurco spindle that has crashed, or is producing excessive vibrations? Motor City Repair is one of the best choices for repairing any Hurco spindle. Our spindle technicians are all skilled experts at what they do, and more importantly they have much experience repairing many different models of Hurco spindles. We are confident that nearly any Hurco spindle sent to us can be repaired in a timely and precise manner, all while saving you money.

A common symptom of spindle failure is excessive vibrations, which often produce heat as well. This can be caused by bearing contamination, worn or warped bearings, wear on the spindle, or an unbalanced spindle. This issue always requires the replacement of bearings, and sometimes the requalification of surfaces of the spindle, depending on their wear. After everything in the spindle is reworked and parts such as bearings, o-rings, seals, encoders, sensors and others are replaced, the spindle is reassembled. Every spindle is then run for several hours and tested with our state of the art testing equipment. A static and dynamic balancing of the spindle is done to ensure that vibrations do not wear on the spindle in the future. This balancing increases the lifespan of a spindle greatly, so you can expect it to run for years to come with precision performance.

Please see below list of Hurco spindles we have rebuilt:

Hurco VMX series, VM10U, VM10UHSi, VMX30U, VMX42SRTi, VMX42SR, VMX60SR, VMX24HSi, VMX42HSi, VMX24, VMX30, VMX42

Hurco VMX42U, VMX60U, VTXU, VMX42SW, VMX60SW, VMX50, VMX50-50t, VMX50i, VMX60, VMX60-50t, VMX64, VMX64-50T, VMX84, VMX84-50t

Hurco VM Series, VM10U, VM10UHSi, VM5i, VM10, VM10i, VM20, VM20i, VM30,  VM10HSi

Hurco DCX Series, DCX22-40T, DCX22-50T, DCX32

Hurco HMX Series, HMX400, HMX500, HMX630


Hurco TM series, TMM8, TMM10, TM6, TM8, TM10, TMX8, TMX10, TM12, TM18, TM18L

If your machine tool spindle is not listed please give us a call at 800-716-4601.

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