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Hwacheon Spindle Repair

The most aggressive lead time in the spindle repair industry

Motor City Spindle Repair has repaired most of the Hwacheon spindles. We have rebuilt Hwacheon spindles for HMC’s, VMC’s, 5-axis Machining Centers, Turning Centers, milling and grinding applications. A number of the Hwacheon spindles are direct drive, which can be a more complex type of repair. Thankfully we have the equipment necessary to test and run any Motorized Hwacheon Spindle. If you have a Hwacheon machine that is down, please call or fill out our quick ONLINE FORM to receive a Free Quote on your spindle repair.

Hwacheon is a Korean company whose mission has been to offer “the best products and services in the industry.” Their over sixty years of experience as a machine tool OEM has certainly put them high in the running. With Hwacheon’s extensive catalog of machines for most applications, they seem to be a well rounded machine tool manufacturer.

Please see below list for a few of the Hwacheon spindles we have rebuilt:


Hwacheon Hi-M760, Hi-M1300, Hi-M1500, Hi-M 2000, HMP-3600, HiM-G1, HiM-G2, Hit-α400, Hit-α360D, Hit-M400Hwacheon

Hwacheon VESTA-660/1000, VESTA-850B/1050B, VESTA-610D, SIRIUS-7040/7050

Hwacheon M2-5AX, SIRIUS-2500/5AX, M9, A 600, AF-16

Hwacheon CUTEX-160, Hi-TECH 200, Hi-TECH 300, Hi-TECH 400/400A, Hi-TECH 450, Hi-TECH 550, Hi-TECH 700, Hi-TECH 7026

Hwacheon Hi-TECH 850, MEGA72, MEGA100, MEGA130, MEGA T-130, MEGA II 160, MEGA II 200, MEGA II 260, MEGA R 100/15, UPR-600

Hwacheon T2-Series, CUTEX-240, HOT-2000/3000, TTC-8, TTC-10

Hwacheon VT-350, VT-450, VT-550, VT-650, VT-950, VT-1150, HVT-2025T/M, HVT-3040T/M, HVT-4550T/M, HVT-6080T(M)

Hwacheon HMT-1100/1300, HMV-1100/1300, HMTH-1100/1300, SIMPLEX-2, HMB-5U, HMB-6V/6U, HMB-7V/7U, HMB-10U

Hwacheon HGS-52A, HGS-85A, HGS-46B, HGS-515, HGS-167B, HGS-209A

Hwacheon HL-380, HL-460, HL-580, HL-630/720, HL-950

If your machine tool spindle is not listed please give us a call at 734-261-8600.

All Quotations are 100% free of charge and are accompanied by a detailed failure analysis report!

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