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Johnford Spindle Repair

The most aggressive lead time in the spindle repair industry

Motor City Spindle Repair is the leader in Johnford spindle repair. With experience repairing most makes and models of Johnford spindles. We have rebuilt Johnford spindles for HMC’s, VMC’s, Turning centers, and grinding applications. If you have a Johnford spindle in need of repair call or fill out our ONLINE FORM to find out how we can save you down time and money on the repair.

Some of the Johnford spindles are direct drive spindles. The process for repairing these spindles is often more complicated than belt driven spindles due to the electrical components, encoders, proximity switches, sensors and other electrical components that are apart of the unit. Motor City Spindle Repair is more than capable of repairing these types of spindles. With state of the art equipment, we can test and balance any motorized Johnford spindle. We guarantee that every spindle repaired by our facility will be properly balanced, so it runs like new.

Please see below list for a few of the Johnford spindles we have rebuilt:

Johnford JE-1000, DMC-909, DMC-912, DMC-915, DMC-4000X2800X800, DMC-4000X2800X1066, DMC-4000X2800-R2, DMC-4000X2800+5F

Johnford GT-40, GT-80, GT-120, GT-160, GT-200, GT-240, GT-275, GT-320, GT-355, GT-395, GMC-8000, SCM-3000/ 4000/ 5000/ 6000/ 7000, LC-40/ 50/ 60

Johnford BMC-110, BMC-130, BMC-160, VTC-650 VTC-800ATC/1000ATC VTC-1200ATC/1600ATC VTC-2000ATC/ 2500ATC/ 3000ATC/ 4000ATC

Johnford ST-130BX-HP+ATC, SDMC-11000x3200x1066-2H-5F, SDMC-16000X4600X1400-W, SDMC-11000x3200x1400-2H-TU35, HMC-500/500H/630/630H, HMC-800/1000H VHMC-630

Johnford SL-20/ 30/ 40/ 40L, SL-35, SL-35-2S (Sub Spindle Series), SL-50/ 50A/ 50B, SL-50-2S/ SL-50A-2S (Sub Spindle Series), SL-60/ 60A/ 60B SL-60-2S/ SL-60A-2S (Sub Spindle Series), SL-65/ 65A/ 65B SL-70A/ 80A/ 100A/ 120A/ 70B/ 80B/ 100B/ 120B SL-70A-2S/ 80A-2S/ 100A-2S (Sub Spindle Series)

Johnford ST-40A/ 60A/ 70A/ 40B/ 60B/ 70B/ 40C/ 60C/ 70C, ST-80B/ 100B/ 130B/ 160B/ 200B/ 240B/ 80C/ 100C/ 130C/ 160C/ 200C/ 240C/ 80D/ 100D/ 130D/ 160D/ 200D/ 240D, ST-40AH/60AH/70AH/40BH/60BH/ 70BH/40CH/60CH/70CH, ST-80BH/ 100BH/ 130BH/ 160BH/ 200BH/ 240BH/ 80CH/ 100CH/ 130CH/ 160CH/ 200CH/ 240CH/ 80DH/ 100DH/ 130DH/ 160DH/ 200DH/ 240DH, ST-40AX/ 60AX/ 70AX/ 40BX/ 60BX/ 70BX/ 40CX/ 60CX/ 70CX, ST-80BX/ 100BX/ 130BX/ 160BX/ 200BX/ 240BX/ 80CX/ 100CX/ 130CX/ 160CX/ 200CX/ 240CX/ 80DX/ 100DX/ 130DX/ 160DX/ 200DX/ 240DX

If your machine tool spindle is not listed please give us a call at 734-261-8600.

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