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OKK Spindle Repair

The most aggressive lead time in the spindle repair industry

Motor City Spindle Repair has rebuilt most makes and models of OKK Horizontal and Vertical machining center spindles. One feature most OKK spindles have is thin drive keys on the face of the spindle shaft. These keys are often destroyed or completely sheared off in the event of a crash. We have adopted a process that allows us to repair these damaged or missing keys bringing your spindle shaft back to spec. This is an example of why your next spindle repair call should be placed with Motor City Spindle Repair, an industry leader in OKK spindle repair.

Another advantage we have is our state of the art testing equipment that is run by our skilled spindle technicians. We test all aspects of a spindle, repairing or replacing any needed components. Every spindle is both dynamically and statically balanced for optimal performance. We are sure that any OKK spindle we repair will last for a very long time, because of our tedious repair and balance process.

The key to our success, is to re-qualify critical dimensions and dynamic balance at Max rpm when rebuilding OKK machining center. In specific, when it comes to many of OKK CAT 50 vertical machining center spindles, this includes VM 9III, rigid HMC’s, HM 800S and OKK HM 1250S.

A partial list of OKK spindles this facility has rebuilt:

OKK HM Series, HM40, HM 60, HM 80, HM 100

OKK HM 500, HM 500 S/40, HM 500 S/50, HM 600, HM 800S, HM 1000S, HM1250S, HM1600, HM6300S

OKK MCH Series, MCH600, MCH800, MCH10000

OKK VP Series, VP 400, VP5002APC, VP9000, VP 600, VP1200, VP2200

OKK VM Series, VM 4III, VM43R, VM53R, VM76R, VM7III, VM600, VM900


OKK MCV Series, MCV560DS, MCV1260

OKK KCV Series KCV800, KCV1000

OKK VC-X350, VC-X500, VP6005AX, VP90005AX, VG5000, HM-X6000

OKK KCV800-5AX, KCV1000-5AX, MCV560DS-5AX, VM900DS-5AX, VM-X5/250B

If your machine tool spindle is not listed please give us a call at 800-716-4601.

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