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SNK Spindle Repair

The most aggressive lead time in the spindle repair industry

Do you have an SNK spindle that has broken down or is no longer working properly? Heat and vibration can also be produced by a spindle that needs to be repaired. Thankfully Motor City Spindle Repair offers some of the fastest lead times in the industry for spindle repair, and all at affordable rates. The advantage our business has over other repair facilities is in the many skilled and experienced spindle technicians we employ, of whom are some of the best in the industry. Our technicians utilize state of the art equipment to test and balance spindles so that they are sent back to our customers running optimally. Spindle balance can mean the difference between a spindle lasting for months or years. The spindles that go thru our facility are balanced consistently and accurately, so they last for a very long time. Our staff has repaired a wide variety of the SNK line and are sure they can repair any of their spindles with expedience and precision.

SNK has a long standing history in the manufacturing industry that spans over a century. Their innovation combined with reliability is a prime example of what we come to expect from Japanese machine tool OEMs. This facility has successfully rebuilt many different makes and models of SNK spindles. That includes repairing SNK spindles out of 5-axis, Boring mills, Gantry mills and horizontal machining centers.

A partial list of SNK spindles this facility has rebuilt:

SNK RB-M series, RB-2NM, RB-3NM, RB-4VM, RB-4NM, RB-5VM, RB-6VM, RB-7VM, RB-8VM

SNK RB-F series, RB-200F, RB-250F, RB-300F, RB350F

SNK HPS series, HPS-120A, HPS-120B

SNK HGM series, HGM-2500, HGM-3000, HGM-3500, HGM-4000

SNK BP series, BP130-3.0, BP130-3.5, BPH130-3.0

SNK High Rail Gantry series

SNK VTL series

SKN BFR series

SNK HND series

SNK DC series

SNK HF series

SNK SPN series

If your machine tool spindle is not listed please give us a call at 734-261-8600.

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