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STAMA Spindle Repair

The most aggressive lead time in the spindle repair industry

A Spindle is the most integral part of a CNC machine tool.  So if your spindle breaks down it is frequently one of the most expensive components of any CNC machine to have fixed.  Spare spindles can often be expensive to have on hand for every machine, and it can often take months for new ones to be manufactured from an OEM.  Having a spindle repaired is often the most cost effective and quickest way to get your machine tool running again. We at Motor City Spindle Repair consistently repair spindles faster and at a more affordable rate than our competitors. We have the experience and the technology to repair nearly any spindle with speed and precision.

The spindle technicians at our facility utilize some of the most high tech equipment for testing and balancing spindles. Every component of a spindle is dynamically and statically balanced, so as to ensure the reduction of vibrations that a spindle produces. The end result is a spindle that runs like new for a long time to come.

At Motor City Spindle Repair we know when your machine tool spindle goes down the most important thing is getting your machining center back up and running.  We can quickly and efficiently rebuild your Stama machine tool spindles, because we have some of the best trained spindle technicians. Motor City Spindle Repair has experience repairing a majority of the Stama spindles for Milling and turning applications. If you have a Stama spindle that is in need of repair, give us a call or fill out our ONLINE FORM to receive a free quote today.

Please see below list for a few of the Stama spindles we have rebuilt:

Stama MC series, Stama System 3 Series, MC 326, MC 326 TWIN, MC 326 Plus, MC 326 TWIN Plus, MC 331, MC 331 TWIN, MC 331 TWIN2, MC 331 TWIN Plus, MC 334, MC 334 TWIN

Stama System 5 Series, MC 526, MC 526 compact, MC 526 TWIN, MC 526 TWIN compact, MC 532, MC 532 TWIN, MC 532 TWIN2

Stama MC 533, MC 533 TWIN, MC 534, MC 534 compact, MC 534 TWIN, MC 534 TWIN compact, MC 537, MC 537 TWIN, MC 538 TWIN

Stama System 7, Stama M series, M 726, M734

Stama MT series, MT 726, MT734, MT 724 2C, MT 734 2C

Stama System 8 series, MT 826, MT 833, MT 834, MT 837

If your machine tool spindle is not listed please give us a call at 734-261-8600.

All Quotations are 100% free of charge and are accompanied by a detailed failure analysis report!

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