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Weiss Spindle Repair

The most aggressive lead time in the spindle repair industry

Is your Weiss machine tool spindle experiencing vibrations that are disrupting the accuracy of your machine tools performance? Perhaps your machining center has crashed? Whatever the problem, be it mechanical or electrical, Motor City Machine Tool Repair can resolve the issue with speed and accuracy. The spindle technicians that work for us are some of the most skilled and experienced in the North Eastern United States. Our technicians have rebuilt nearly all of the Weiss spindle catalog, It has been one of our specialties over the years.

Weiss has a wide range of quality machining centers. We have experience rebuilding most of the Weiss spindles, be it motorized or belt driven.  If you have a Weiss spindle in need of repair, give us a call to talk with one of our staff and receive a free quote. Some types of Weiss spindles we have rebuilt include:

  • Weiss 5-axis spindles
  • Weiss VMC spindles
  • Weiss HMC spindles
  • Weiss Milling spindles
  • Weiss Grinding spindles
  • Weiss Turning Center spindles

Please see below list for a few of the Weiss spindles we have rebuilt:

Weiss V Series, V16, V18, V15, V13, V11, V11L, V10, V9, V8, V8L, V7, V5, V5L

Weiss E Series, Weiss E6

Weiss WL Series, WL300, WL320, WL360

Weiss CL Series, CL400, CL460, CL500, CL530, CL560, CL660, CL910, CL1000, CL1100

Weiss CSL Series, CSL20A, CSL20B, CSL25, CSL25A

Weiss CLC Series, CLC15, CLC15B, CLC25, CLC25H

Weiss CVL Series, CVL460, CVL650, CVL850

Weiss WMD Series, WMD16V, WMD16VA, WMD20V, WMD20LV, WMD25V, WMD25LV, WMD30V, WMD30LV, WMD40, WMD45, WMD45A, WM7550, WUM7550

Weiss WM Series, WM6350, WM6350F, WM6350F, WM20, WM20V, WM23, WM23V, WM25, WM25V, WM30, WM30V, WM33, WM33V

Weiss WUM Series, WUM30, WUM30V, WUM100, WM6326, WUM26, WUM32,

Weiss WM6332, WM6336, WM6432, WM6436, WM6032D, WM6032D, WM6136D, WM5032D, WM5025, WM5030, WM5032, WM5036, WM5042, WM6125, WM6130, WM6132, WM6132, WM6036

Weiss WM6142, WM5150, WM7140, WM713, WM715, WM8126, WM8132, WM8140

Weiss WM180V, WM210V, WM210V-G, WM240V, WM250V, WM250V-F, WM250AV-F, WM280V, WM280V-F, WM290V, WM290V-F

Weiss WL Series, WL200, WL260, WL320, WL330A, WL410, WL460, WL510, WL560, WL400A, WL600A, WL400B, WL600B, WL600C, WL600, WL800C, WL630, WL1200, WL1000E, WL1600E, WL1280T, WL2080T, WL1260S, WL2060S, WL1600D, WL2500D

Weiss WM240, WM250, WM250G, WM250-F, WM250A-F, WM280, WM280-F, WM290, WM290-F, WM300, WM300A, WM330, WM330A, WM360B, WM330B, WM330BV, WM330D, WM360D, WM360, WM360A

Weiss WM410, WM460, WM410E, WM410A, WM460A, WM500, WM560, WM660, WM630F, WM1450F, WM630, WM1200, WM800C, WM850D, WM1000D, WM1000B

Weiss WLM Series, WLM300, WLM500, WLM250, WLM250V

Weiss WMP Series, WMP250V, WMP280V, WMP280V-F, WMP290V-FF

Weiss M Series, M1320, M1332, M1380, M1350, M1363, M1463, M1432B, M1450, M1420, MW1420, M7140AX2200, M7140A, M7132, M7140, M7130, M7130A, M7130B, M7130C, M7130AL, M7163AX2200, M7163AX1600, M7150AX2200, M7163AX1250, M7150AX1600

Weiss MSG Series, MSG618A, MSG818A, MSG200, MSG250

Weiss SG Series SG-2050H, SG-2550AHD, SG-3063AH, SG-30100AHD, SG-4080AH, SG-40100AHD, SG50100AHR, SG50160AHD, SG60120AHR, SG60160AHD, SG60220AHR, SG60220AHD, SG60160SD, SG60220CNC, SG60300SD, SG80160CNC, SG80220SD, SG80300CNC

Weiss UTG Series UTG-600, UTC-600F, UTG-6025

If your machine tool spindle is not listed please give us a call at 800-716-4601.

All Quotations are 100% free of charge and are accompanied by a detailed failure analysis report!

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