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Block Spindle Repair

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Block spindle repairs are an easy spindle repair for those in the machine tool industry that understand how to properly grind, plate, grind spindle shafts and housing bores. It is also imperative that anyone rebuilding block spindles has excellent balancing and testing equipment.  That is why Motor City Spindle Repair is such a great block spindle repair company.  We cut our teeth repairing block spindles and still have customers who continue to use these simple, yet incredibly precise and reliable spindles to make their precision components.

We have the in house grinding and CNC machining capabilities to repair your block spindle or manufacture your block spindle components. We can manufacture shafts, housings, spacers etc… This allows us to provide fast, quality repairs at a cost savings to our customers.  We provide new block spindles and block spindle manufacturing. We can manufacture a spindle from print or reverse engineer from an existing spindle.

As with all our spindle repairs, we rebuild all spindles to the OEM specification. We test run all spindle repairs in house while performing vibration and temperature analysis. It is our policy to check bearings for displacement and velocity, which helps us improve your spindles performance and lifespan.

At Motor City Spindle Repair we know how important it is to get your machine back up and running. That is why we offer some of the most competitive lead times in the industry and a 1-year warranty on all repairs.

Spindle Repair

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