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Cluster Spindle Repair

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Spindle Repair

At Motor City Spindle Repair we have extensive experience rebuilding spindle clusters. The majority of our employees have all worked for major spindle manufacturers, and have worked on many types of cluster spindles over the years. We can rebuild your entire cluster as a complete unit or repair each spindle in the cluster individually.

So what sets Motor City Spindle Repair apart from the competition?   At Motor City Spindle Repair we understand the importance of decreasing machine down time and we strive to provide fast, economical quotations.  We know how to deliver fast lead times with out sacrificing quality.  Give us a call and we will explain our extensive process of rebuilding your spindle components and building a high quality spindle.

We have the in house precision grinding and CNC machining capabilities to repair your cluster spindle or manufacture your spindle cluster components. We can requalify or manufacture shafts, spacers, housings etc… This allows us to provide fast, quality repairs at a cost savings to our customers.  We provide new cluster spindles and spindle cluster manufacturing. We can manufacture a spindle from print or reverse engineer from an existing spindle.

The spindle technicians at Motor City Spindle Repair utilize state of the art equipment for testing and balancing spindles. They are able to fine tune spindles so they run as if they were brand new. Our technicians have become so efficient at testing and balancing spindles, that this plays a major part in the speed of our repairs.

All Quotations are 100% free of charge and are accompanied by a detailed failure analysis report!

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