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High Frequency Spindle Repair

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Spindle Repair

Motor City Spindle Repair specializes in high frequency spindle repair. We can repair your spindle from nearly any machine. We repair CNC spindles as large as a couple tons to high frequency units that exceed 100,000 RPM. There are few repair facilities that are willing to repair spindles that operate at high speeds and even fewer that are capable of testing them. Here at Motor City Spindle Repair, we offer both.

Many spindles that operate at extremely high speeds are Hydrostatic Spindles or Hydrodynamic Spindle.These types of spindles are used, because they can run at exceedingly fast speeds without producing heat caused by friction that steel or ceramic bearings would produce if run that fast.

Some of the high speed spindles are motorized, which utilize more complicated electronic components that aren’t in other types of spindles. These spindles contain a variety of sensors, encoders, and acoustic emission equipment that allow them to communicate. At Motor City Spindle Repair we have advanced equipment to test and run these high speed motorized spindles. Our spindle technicians utilize this equipment to balance and fine tune spindles so that they are running like new. Having a spindle properly balanced like we are able to do means your spindle will run like new and last longer.

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