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Hydrodynamic Spindle Repair

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Spindle Repair

Hydrodynamic spindles are typically used for high speed and high load situations where, normal steel or ceramic bearings may cause excessive heat or vibration. We at Motor City Spindle Repair have been known to repair Hydrodynamic spindles in excess of 150,000 RPMs and spindles as large as a couple tons. Our expert staff of spindle technicians have worked on a variety of hydrodynamic spindles from many different manufacturers. They are confident that any Hydrodynamic spindle sent to us can be repaired.

Our state of the art repair facility allows us to repair today’s most complicated Hydrodynamic spindles. We repair Hydrodynamic spindles for all types of industry. When it comes to Hydrodynamic spindle repair, balance is critical to performance. We perform both a dynamic and static balancing of all spindle components.  We have advanced equipment to test all aspects of your spindle to ensure it functions to the OEM specification.

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