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Wasino Grinding Spindle Repair Case Study

A Warranty You Can Trust

Wasino Grinding Spindle Repair Case Study

Wasino Grinding Spindle Repair Case Study

The Wasino Grinding Spindle was not performing properly. It was inspected and found that the bearings were worn and needed replacement. After sending them a quote the same day we received the spindle, we were able to repair this spindle within a week of receiving it. With the testing equipment we have and the skill of our spindle technicians, who have an average of 20 Years Experience Repairing Machine Tools, we are sure that this spindle will perform like new for a long time.

This customer contacted us because their spindle repair vendor at the time could not make their spindles last and would not stand behind their warranty work. We have not had a single warranty and have extended their spindle life dramatically. We have been working with this customer going on four years now.

Give us a call at (734) 261-8600 to find out why Motor City Spindle is one of the fastest growing cnc spindle repair companies in the USA. Check us out at www.motorcityrepair.com

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